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Basic Setup
1 AT Attention command
2 ATZ Modem reset
3 AT&F Restore to factory default settings
4 ATI Identification information
5 ATE Command echo
6 ATQ Result code suppression
7 ATV Response mode
8 ATX Call progress monitor
9 ATS0 Auto answer
10 ATS2 Escape sequence character
11 ATS6 Dialing delay control
12 ATS7 Connection complete timeout
13 ATS8 Comma dial modifier delay control
14 ATS10 Automatic disconnect delay control Interface Setup
15 AT&C DCD control
16 AT&D DTR control
17 AT+IFC DTE flow control
18 AT+IPR DTE data rate
19 AT+ICF Character format
20 AT+ILRR Data rate reporting
Phone Identification
21 AT+CGMI Manufacturer identification
22 AT+CGMM Model identification
23 AT+CGMR Revision identification
24 AT+CGSN IMEI identification
Voice Call Basic
25 ATDnum Voice dailing
26 ATA Answer incoming voice call

27 ATH_ (Hangup_ call) Hangup voice call
28 ATH_ (Reject_ call) Reject voice call before answer
29 ATD>entry Dial entry in current phonebook
30 ATDL Dial last number Enhanced Call Features
31 AT+CLIP Caller line identification control
32 AT+CCWA Call waiting control
33 AT+CLCC List current calls and status
34 AT+CCFC Call forwarding Phone Status and Control
35 AT+CSCS Select TE character set
36 AT+CBC Battery charge
37 AT+CPAS Phone activity status
38 AT+CFUN Set phone functionality (RF enable/disable)
39 AT+CHLD Hold active line / pick second line / retrieve held line
40 AT+CLCK Facility lock
41 AT+CPIN Enter password
42 AT+CPWD Change password
43 AT+VTS DTMF generation during voice call
44 AT+VTD Define DTMF tone duration Call Meter Related
45 AT+CACM Accumulated call meter
46 AT+CAMM Accumulated call meter maximum
47 AT+CPUC Price per unit
48 AT+CAOC Advice of call charge Audio Control
49 AT+CMUT Mute control
50 AT+CLVL Speaker volume level SMS Handling
51 AT+CSMS Select SMS service

52 AT+CPMS Select message storeage
53 AT+CMGD Delete message
54 AT+CSCA Service center address
55 AT+CMGF Select message format (0 = PDU)
56 AT+CMGL List messages (PDU mode)
57 AT+CMGR Read message (PDU mode)
58 AT+CMGS Send message direct (PDU mode)
59 AT+CNMI New message indication
60 AT+CSCB Select cell broadcast message Phonebook Handling
61 AT+CPBW Write phonebook entry
62 AT+CPBS Select phonebook storage
63 AT+CPBF Find phone book entries
64 AT+CPBR Read phonebook entries Operator and Subscriber Related
65 AT+CSQ Signal quality
66 AT+COPS Operator selection
67 AT+CREG Network registration
68 AT+CNUM Subscriber identity CSD Data Call
69 ATDnum_ (CSD_ data_ call) GSM CSD data call
70 +++ Escape sequence from data to command mode
71 ATO Return to data mode from command mode
72 ATH_ (CSD_ data_ call) Disconnect CSD data call GPRS Data Call
73 AT+CGDCONT GPRS define PDP context
74 AT+CGQREQ GPRS QoS (request)
75 AT+CGQMIN GPRS QoS (minimum accepted)
76 AT+CGATT GPRS attach
77 AT+CGACT GPRS activate PDP context
78 ATD_ (GPRS_ data_ call) GPRS data connect

79 AT+CGREG GPRS network registration
80 +++ Escape sequence from data to command mode
81 ATO Return to data mode from command mode
82 ATH_ (GPRS_ data_ call) Disconnect GPRS data call
83 AT+CGEREP GPRS event reporting Status, Events and Error Reporting
84 AT+CR Service reporting control
85 AT+CRC Cellular result codes control
86 AT+CMEE Extended error report FAX
87 AT+ FCLASS FAX: select, read or test service class
88 AT+ FMI FAX: Report manufacturer ID
89 AT+ FMM FAX: report model ID
90 AT+ FMR FAX: report revision
91 AT+ FTS FAX: Stop transmission & wait
92 AT+ FRS FAX: Wait for silence
93 AT+ FTM FAX: transmit data with carrier
94 AT+ FRM FAX: receive data with carrier
95 AT+ FTH Transmit HDLC data with carrier
96 AT+ FRH Receive HDLC data with carrier
97 AT+ FDT Transmit Data
98 AT+ FDR Receiver Data
99 AT+ FET Transmit page punctuation
100 AT+ FPTS Page transfer status parameters
101 AT+ FK Terminate Session
102 AT+ FBOR Page transfer bit order
103 AT+ FBUF Buffer size report
104 AT+ FCQ Copy quality checking
105 AT+ FCR Capability to receive
106 AT+ FDIS Current sessions parameters

107 AT+ FDCC DCE capabilities parameters
108 AT+ FLID Local ID String
109 AT+ FPHCTO Page transfer timout paramerts

This commands are a courtesy of www.solomon.com.tw

For more info go to postoffice website.

SMS MMS FoxBox the appliance based on foxserve for messaging management

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