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Replies to common questions related to foXServe startup

Before you decide to submit bugs or questions, please take a look to the following Frequently Asked Questions.
Each board is heavely tested by the factory before ship so board faulty conditions are really rare. If your board look strange don't worry a lot of things can cause this to a server!

If you are a SMS Foxbox customer look at the section PATCH/FIX

What is foXServe defalut IP address?
The factory default IP address is

P.S. The SMS foxbox default IP is
My foXServe doesn't contain uptodate and config command (-sh command not found), what can I do?
You have foXServe 1.3.0 so contact me here to obtain a major update
Uptodate says that is unable to download from website and doesn't work
Please check your internet connection and network parameters that you provided to foXServe from config menĂ¹. Connect to a shell console (ssh or putty) and try to ping a website

ping www.google.com

if the answer is not reacheable your network settings are wrong, althought if answer is "it is alive!" and uptodate still doesn't work, please wait, in really rare cases the updates repository is experiencing heavy load and could not answer you immediately so you get a time out. If you wait a few hours and then try again your system will be updated.
Wich drivers are included in foXServe OS?
foXserve includes: SD/MMC driver, USB to Serial (PL2303 and FTDI), spca5xx and webcam, Wi-Fi, cdc-acm and many others. The support can be "customized" via config.
Config manual is available here. The purpose of config is provides all you need mantaining applliance embedded spirit.
Why I have to use foXServe?
Because with foXServe you can easily integrate your design with standard LAN and more advanced Internet WEB protocols and applications, and build secure internet applications thanks to the power of Apache and SSL cryptography.
How are updates dispatched?
Updates are dispatched from uptodate command and notified with a newsletter
How can I "mount" a USB pen or MMC at startup?
Insert the mount command "mount -t vfat /dev/sda /mnt/flash/<path>" on file /etc/init.d/rc at line 11, before the line echo "System initialization is done."
I have mounted a USB PEN or HD but I can't write files from apache
Apache runs under unprivileged user "nobody" so please change the umask during the mount from 0022 to 0000 with the following command:

mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/flash/root/test/ -o fmask=0000,dmask=0000
SQLITE EXAMPLE on ACMESYSTEMS does not work for me, why?
Please, set permissions to the folder where you put db to 0777 or you have not enough permission to write, I suggest you to work in test folder for or another folder then the root of server, for security reasons.
I have changed the IP address and now I can't reach the appliance, what can I do?
Please check your arp table with arp -a and delete all entries with previous IP address with arp -d
I still can't reach the appliance or I have a slow reply to commands
One of our customers experienced problems with a 3COM switch so try to connect foXServe directly to your PC with a cross-cable.
How can I compile a C program?
You can compile with webcompiler or using the SDK
The software in foXServe is compiled from sources availables on relative websites?
Of course all the software is compiled from sources using SDK
Are fox Board tutorials suitable for foXServe?
YES, all fox board tutorials can be applied to foXServe but SKIPPING THE FIMAGE CREATION AND FLASH!
foXServe is a ready to run environment, so jump to the next step after fimage creation or flash and apply only programmation phases, the system already includes the most important drivers that are available from config menu.
Can I use foXServe with GSM/GPRS USB modem or with FOX GM carrier board?
foXServe can handle ppp and GPRS connections andis tested with FOX GM and external USB modem like FALCOM SAMBA 55, look here for more info: http://www.foxserve.it/pppd.html
I haven't found my problem listed here, who can help me?
The answer is simple, submit your SOFTWARE questions to the contact form available here, for any hardware issue, commercial infos and other consult this page http://www.acmesystems.it/?id=427
Where to buy it
FoXServe is available for FREE
foXServe firmware is free
foXServe firmware
Download it now!

SMS MMS FoxBox the appliance based on foxserve for messaging management

foXServe is Developed by KDEV a Davide Cantaluppi company and running on ACME SYSTEMS srl Hardware.

@ KDEV 2007 Some Rights Reserved
foXServe firmware is free
foXServe firmware
Download it now!


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