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POSTOFFICE(8) BSD System Manager‚ Manual POSTOFFICE(8)

postoffice - internet mail server

postoffice [flags] [address]

postoffice accepts and delivers mail on TCP/IP networks. It includes a
mail greylist, uses TCP wrappers to restrict client access, and can be
configured to run antivirus software before accepting mail for delivery.

With no flags, postoffice reads its standard input up to an end-of-file
and sends a copy of the message found there to all of the addresses
listed on the command line.

Local addresses are looked up in a file and aliased appropriately.

Flags are:

-a Start SMTP servers with session auditing enabled. If session
logging is enabled, postoffice will log all sorts of informa-
tion about each SMTP session to the syslog. See mailaudit(5)
for details about the format of the audit records.

-bd Run as a daemon. postoffice will fork and run in background
listening on socket 25 for incoming SMTP connections.

-bi Initialize the alias database.

-bm Deliver mail in the usual way (default).

-bp Print a listing of the queue.

-bq Process messages in the queue.

-bs Use the SMTP protocol as described in RFC821 on standard
input and output.

-Cfile Read options from the named configuration file.

-d When running as a daemon, postoffice will not fork and run in
the background, but will instead stay attached to the con-
trolling terminal.

-fname Sets the name of the ‘from’ person (i.e., the sender of the
mail). --ff can only be used by _r_o_o_t or if the person you are
trying to become is the same as the person you are.

-ox=value Set option x to the specified value. Options are described
in the postoffice.cf(5) manpage.

-q An alternate form of the -bq flag.

-qX Start a daemon to process the mail queue every X minutes.

-rname An alternate form of the -f flag.

-v Go into verbose mode.

-V Report version information for this copy of postoffice, then
exit successfully.

Various processing options can be set when postoffice is started.
Options may be set either on the command line using the --oo flag, in the
configuration file /etc/postoffice.cf, or in a configuration file speci-
fied by the -C flag.

In aliases, the first character of a name may be a vertical bar to cause
interpretation of the rest of the name as a command to pipe the mail to.
It may be necessary to quote the name to keep postoffice from suppressing
the blanks from between arguments. For example, a common alias is:

msgs: "|/usr/bin/msgs -s"

postoffice returns an exit status describing what it did. The codes are
defined in ‚sysexits.h:
EX_OK Successful completion on all addresses.
EX_NOUSER User name not recognized.
EX_UNAVAILABLE Catchall meaning necessary resources were not
EX_SYNTAX Syntax error in address.
EX_SOFTWARE Internal software error, including bad arguments.
EX_OSERR Temporary operating system error, such as “cannot
EX_NOPERM You do not have sufficient permissions.
EX_IOERR postoffice was unable to create or write a file.

If invoked as nneewwaalliiaasseess, postoffice will rebuild the alias database. If
invoked as mmaaiillqq, postoffice will print the contents of the mail queue.
If invoked as rruunnqq, postoffice will run through the mail queue and make
what deliveries are possible. If invoked as ssmmttppdd, postoffice runs as a
SMTP daemon.

/etc/postoffice.cf Default postoffice options.
/etc/aliases raw data for alias names.
/etc/aliases.db data base of alias names.
/etc/issue.smtp smtp server welcome banner.
/var/log/mail.stat collected statistics.
/var/spool/mqueue/* temp files.
/var/db/smtpauth.db ggrreeyylliisstt database.

mail(1), rmail(1), syslog(3), aliases(5), mailaudit(5), postoffice.cf(5),
smtpauth(5), mailaddr(7), authexpire(8), sendmail(8), smtpd(8);

DARPA Internet Request For Comments RFC819, RFC821, RFC822.

MASTODON 4 November 21, 2004 MASTODON 4
Configuration files PATH
configuration: /etc/postoffice.cf

For more info go to postoffice website.

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