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postoffice.cf - configuration file for postoffice


This file resides in /etc, and contains various configuration options for
thepostoffice mail server. All of the options listed here can also be
passed directly to thepostoffice server via the --oo command line option.

The format of the configuration file is one option per line, with blank
lines and lines beginning with # ignored as comment lines. The options

audit Enable session auditing.

checkhelo Check the arguments passed with the HELO and EHLO SMTP com-
mand and refuse to do an SMTP conversation with the client if
they claim to be the mail server.

clients=_N Allow only _N clients at a time to connect to the server.

debug Enable the ESMTP ,debug, command, which displays various com-
pile and runtime settings, as well as the current state of
the mail envelope. This is useful for some types of debug-
ging, but it may expose internal information to the public.

delay=_N Set the greylisting delay to N seconds. The delay may be
specified as a tagged number, with ‘m’ being minutes. and
‘h’ being hours.

If nonzero, all lines beginning with ’From ’ in the body of
the message will be prefixed by ’>’. Some mail readers
can’t handle raw the start of a new message, so mangling the
message like this will stop them from getting confused.

When set, forward all unknown mail to the configured

hops=_N Set the hop count to _N. The hop count is incremented every
time the mail is processed. When it reaches this limit, the
mail is returned with an error message (the default is 100

immediate Attempt to deliver mail to remote machines immediately
instead of waiting for the next queue run.

load=_N When the load average is above N,postoffice will not accept
SMTP connections (the default is 4).

localmx Treat connections from sites that use this machine as an MX
as if they were local, and give them the permissions that
local clients have.

minfree=_N Stop accepting mail when there are less than _N kilobytes
available on the mail spool volume. minfree is given as a
tagged number, with ‘m’ being megabytes, and ‘g’ being giga-

nodaemon Do not accept mail from <>. This can be useful for blocking
spammers and viruses, but it also violates RFC821, and means
that nobody at your site (including mailing lists) will ever
get bounce messages when mail cannot be delivered. If your
machine is connected to a public network, DON'T SET THIS OPTION
unless you’re under attack from a malicious spammer.

paranoid Do not accept mail from sites unless we can resolve their dns

qreturn=_N Bounce undeliverable mail after _N seconds. The qreturn may
be specified as a tagged number, with ‘m’ being minutes, ‘h’
being hours, and ‘d’ being days.

relay Allow all clients to relay mail through this server. If
your machine is connected to a public network, DON'T SET THIS OPTION
unless you really want to end up on every antispam
blacklist on the planet.

Send all mail destined for remote hosts via this host. The
superuser is the only user that can use this option on the
command line or in a configuration file other than

self=host Set our hostname to host. postoffice normally uses the
uname() system call to determine the machine name, but you
can set it to just about anything here.

size=size Sets the largest message size thatpostoffice will accept.
size is given as a tagged number, with ‘k’ being kilobytes,
and ‘m’ being megabytes.

soft-deny If set, refuse blacklisted and paranoid connections with a
4xx (temporary) error status instead of the normal 5xx (per-
manent) errors.

Drop the connection to a client if they are idle longer than
timeout. This option violates the word (if not the intent)
of the SMTP specification, so the timeout should probably be
fairly large. The timeout may be specified as a tagged num-
ber, with ‘m’ being minutes, ‘h’ being hours, and ‘d’ being
days. For example, ‘timeout=60m’ or ‘timeout=1h’ both set
the timeout to one hour.

Check the validity of MAIL FROM addresses. If nonzero (the
default), the address will be rejected if it’s from an unre-
solvable domain or if a remote client attempts to give a
local address, and if zero, anything the client gives is okay


MASTODON 4 February 4, 2006 MASTODON 4
Configuration files PATH
configuration: /etc/postoffice.cf

For more info go to postoffice website.

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