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How to activate pppd support for GPRS connection and FOX GM support (MMC/SD and RTC)

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foXServe fully supports FOX GM (carrier support board for M2M applications based on GSM/GPRS).
This feature was included from release 1.3.2.

In details the foXServe kernel support:

 ppp connections using GPRS modems
 MMC/SD socket
 the RTC with backup battery

How to activate pppd support


The pppd support and scripts can be easily activated by choosing (m) from config menĂ¹.
The installation process is fully automatic and is displayed in the picture below.
Alll support files will be placed in /etc/ppp folder:
 /etc/ppp/ppp-start startup of pppd daemon
 /etc/ppp/gprs-options modem port speed and the username to be used during the GPRS connection phase.
 /etc/ppp/gprs-connect attempt gprs connection
 /etc/ppp/gprs-disconnect disconnect gprs connection
 /etc/ppp/pap-secrets contains the username and password to access the GPRS network.

A detailed description of command and configurations is available on Acme Systems Website:  http://www.acmesystems.it/?id=13

The picture below show the support installation

HOW to use SD/MMC memory

foXServe supports SD/MMC memory storage using John Crispin driver .

login to foXServe with root and pass.

When inside the foXServe from terminal session type:

# mount -t vfat /dev/mmc0 /mnt/0 -onoatime,sync

Now you can see the content of the MMC/SD card on /mnt/0 directory typing:

# ls -l /mnt/0

Just 4 signal lines + power supply are needed to connect a MMC/SD to thefoXServe.
How to use the RTC with backup battery

The foXServe board natively supports the I2C protocol at kernel level, so the drivers are ready inside the kernel to interface directly I2C peripherals. In particular for the Dallas DS1302 RTC chip the support is already enabled in the memory image released with the foXServe.

Commands to manage system clock and date

To read the FOX board Linux system clock and date the right command is:


To program a desired value of clock and date as system clock and date in the FOX Linux system the command is:


Example: 13:50 of May 18th 2005

date 051813502005

To store in permanent way the system clock and date just set, in the RTC chip so to reload it at every power on cycle, type the following command:

hwclock -w

+3.3 VoltJ6 pin 2
I2C_RESETJ6 pin 21
I2C_DATAJ6 pin 32
I2C_CLOCKJ6 pin 31
GNDJ6 pin 40

For further information look at: http://www.acmesystems.it/?id=105

SMS MMS FoxBox the appliance based on foxserve for messaging management

foXServe is Developed by KDEV a Davide Cantaluppi company and running on ACME SYSTEMS srl Hardware.

foXServe update

@ KDEV 2007 Some Rights Reserved
foXServe firmware is free
foXServe firmware
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