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Are you a fox LX 832 owner?
You are in the right place! We are proud to announce the availability of foXServe firmware!
 foxserve upgrade

You can download   foXServe directly from  this site and take advantage of a secure Apache web server platform for all your projects!

The installation is really simple, in only 3 steps your fox will be a foXServe.

The only requirement is a fox LX 832. After the installation the uptodate system will be activated and all future upgrades will be provided from the central repository.

The config command facility will help you to install all additional modules available for foXServe typing just one letter on your keyboard!

Take a look to http://www.foxserve.it  to discover all the software available.
foXServe is approved by acmesystem, so the Acme Systems warranty will NOT be voided flashing your FOX Board with this software

What are you waiting for?  upgrade your fox board now!
To download foXServe you need to register you on the site, then click here to jump to download page.

 foXServe Documentation index

Now is possible to join the foXServe system to ACME SYSTEMS  SDK! 
In this way you can create YOUR OWN CUSTOM fimage  foXServe based. Obviously the uptodate feature is not present or you will lost your custom kernel on upgrade.
Feel free to use this firmware and redistribute it, I ask only that you'll say on your product powered by foXServe.
Feel free to use the logo when you say "powered by foXServe" in one of the way that you can find here .
 SDK patch

foXServe documentation index Print E-mail
 foXServe is a full featured Apache 1.3.37 Embedded WebServer with PHP 5.0.5, SQLite, mod_dav and mod_ssl  firmware running on ACME SYSTEMS srl Fox Board 832.   foXServe provides a pre-built fimage available for the download HERE (registration required) and a SDK patch to build you own foXServe based firmware.

With foXServe is possible to control I/O and a LCD Display Hitachi HD44780 directly from your PHP script.
 We developed a set of PHP extensions that let you control logic hardware connected directly to the Fox Board with a web PHP script.
embedded web server
 embedded web server embedded web server
 APACHE Manual Pages
 PHP configuration manual
>  Php extensions
 Enabling CGI and I/O control
 GPIO I/O control
 I2C A/D converter PC8591

 Frequently Asked Questions
 SDK patch
 How to compile a application (porting)
 How to install Python
 Use mysql C client API
 Config: System Configuration
 Uptodate: Upgrade the firmware
 Revert to factory default settings

 embedded web server embedded web serverembedded web server
 MOD_MP3 Configuration
 Live demo!
 Webcam support
 MOD_DAV Configuration
  MOD_SSL Configuraton
 MOD_PROXY Configuration
 MOD_MP3 Configuration
 cdc-acm and USB modem support
 embedded web serverembedded web server
embedded web server
  rdate: Sync with NTP
  Postoffice SMTP server  Activate WIFI on foXServe

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