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MMS FoxBox - the ultimate Multimedia Messages Hardware server
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After one year from the release of SMS foxbox, I'm proud to announce its evolution, the MMS FoxBox! MMS FoxBox aims to be a new way of publishing content on the web. Think how nice will be to populate your site with photos coming from users mobile phones! MMS Box does NOT require any mobile phone configuration change on users devices, all you have to do is just send a standard Multimedia message!
The box includes all features availables on SMS foxbox plus full MMS receiving capabilities! MMS receiving is completely "free", this means that your AIR carrier normally does not charge anything for MMS receiving.

MMS foxbox

Now is time to get deeper inside the new amazing features offered by this appliance.


  • Full MMS receiving and decoding capabilities
  • Easy reply to each received MMS by SMS
  • Multimedia contents are automatically decoded into WEB suitable formats as JPEG, GIF and PNG
  • All messages will be avilable trough WEBDAV and FTP as REALLY documents, so that you can post-elaborate all media contents as you prefer
  • Stunning WEB 2.0 interface, deployed using the most advanced web technology
  • Custom applications support gives you the ability to create Games and Contests trough MMS
  • Fast MMS download trough GPRS connection
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MMS detail



MMS FoxBox is a compact and low cost solution to send SMS and receive SMS/MMS messages using a commercial SIM card. It includes a GSM quad band modem, a SD/MMC memory card to store the messages (up to 2 million SMS with the default 1GByte card) and a Linux systems to manage the SMS/MMS queue by means of an easy to use Web interface.

MMSFoxBox can also operate as an SMS to TCP/IP gateway to integrate a wide range of network and desktop applications with the SMS/MMS messaging 

 Mr. Tux


  • Integrated quad band GSM modem
  • Up to 30 incoming SMS/min with a common SIM card
  • 100% solid state in just 105x110x45mm
  • 1GB internal MMC/SD card to store up to 2 million of SMS
  • SQLite embedded SQL server
  • Fully featured Web interface for SMS management
  • Expandable set of gateway functions
  • Fully customizable software with PHP, C and Bash coding
  • Fully customizable look with your logo and text
  • BIS Module for failover, using 2 appliances for backup. Useful on mission critical environments.
  • 2 USB ports to store messages on external USB Pen or USB Hard Drives
  • Internal clock with backup battery and NTP support
  • Linux operating systems 2.6
  • Size: 11 x 10.5 x 4.5 cm
    MMS FOX BOX is powered by foXServe


MMS Gallery summary
MMS FOX BOX gallery Summary

MMS detail with web 2.0
    MMS detail

MMS FOXBOX configuration screenshoot
MMS Gateway configuration - Setup GPRS parameters

The MMS FoxBox Software is developed by KDEV (, a Davide Cantaluppi company on Acme Systems FOX GM Hardware
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