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This articles illustrates how the SMS FoxBox save the SMS in a text file format


The SMS file format is a text file composed of two parts:

- The header
- The message

This two parts are separated by a carriage return.

An easy SMS example is:

From: SMSFoxBox
To: 3934947XXX
Alphabet: ISO

Text of the short message

Each Header line has a meaning as shown in the table below:



Sender identification, usefull for logged in user identification (outgoing messages)
To Receivers phone number, the number should be specified in international format without the +.
Flash If you set this value to yes, the message will appear directly on the phone display without asking for open it up (if supported by mobile phone)
Alphabet Specify the character SET used in the SMS text:

ISO LATIN ANSI: 8 Bit character set, MAX 160 Characters with autosplit *DEFAULT VALUE
7 bit character set refer to GSM specification MAX 160 Characters with autosplit
UCS: UCS2 character set MAX 70 Characters with autosplit
BINARY: 8 bit binary data, no text (ringtones and data trasmission)

SMSC Phone number of the SMSC
Report Control if a status report is requested for the message, boolean value (yes/no) DEFAULT is NO
Autosplit Control how to split messages usefull only for text messages, binary split is NOT SUPPORTED:

0 disabled
1 enabled, no part-numbers
2 enabled, text numbers

From Sender phone number
From_SMSC The SMSC that sent the message
Subject The logical name of the modem that received the message (DEFAULT GSM1)
Sent Time when message was sent
Received Time when the message was received by SMS FoxBox

You can use custom header lines for your applications. If the Software finds unknown headers will simply skip it.
An example of received message is:

From: 3934947032XX
From_SMSC: 39565258552585
Sent: 06-10-04 23:26:23
Received: 06-10-04 23:26:29
Subject: GSM1
Alphabet: ISO

This is an incoming text message.

An example of outgoing SMS is:

From: SMSFoxBox
To: 3934947XXX
Alphabet: ISO

Text of the short message

The SMS FoxBox Software is developed by KDEV (, a Davide Cantaluppi company on Acme Systems FOX GM Hardware

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