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KDEV is pleased to announce a new developement: BookLed® a book that interact with the web using a USB connection.

Kdev is involved in a new technological challange: Deploy a web interaction with a paper-book!

BookLed® Front Page of the first title “Little Owl and the phone call”

The e-book for children: BookLed®
The BookLed® is the first web enhanced card board book.

Children now have an exciting new way of reading, a book from another world, a perfect blend of web technology and the matchless pleasure of the written word on paper.

For the first time on this planet of ours, RoboToons Publishing presents “BookLed®”. This board book for young children uses an innovative system of page identification along with graphic, audio animation and an amazing web interface, all within a traditional, illustrated story.

The surprising result is a bringing together of two experiences – that of enjoying the reading of a book and that of enjoying a cartoon.

In appearance, BookLed® is a normal book with thick card pages. There is, however, no small plastic battery compartment. At the top of the book, there is a small USB port and switch: BookLed® is a book made of paper, card and electronics.

Connecting the BookLed® to your PC and pointing your web browser to www.bookled.com, the web server identifies the book’s ISBN code (patented) and delivers the multimedia content synchronized with the turning of the pages.

While the book is being read, and the pages turned, the following multimedia content is automatically  supplied:

·     soundtrack of the book, synchronized with the pages;

·     dubbing of the story with ‘cartoon’ voices, synchronized with the pages;

·     animated backgrounds that virtually extend the printed page to the Web.

The technological core of the BookLed®  is a (patented) page identification sensor: using a system of magnets (not visible to the user), the book is able to recognize which page the user is reading and detect the turning from one page to the next.

Using the mini-USB port, the BookLed® can be connected to a normal PC in order to recharge its built-in LiPo (lithium polymer) battery. There is no need to constantly change batteries to keep the BookLed®  working.

Of course, even without any PC connection, and just sitting in the comfort of your armchair, you can still easily enjoy the book’s built-in light and sound effects.

More information on the BookLed® may be found on www.bookled.com and www.robotoons.com

 Download Hi-res picture (TIFF 300DPI) 44MB
 Download Low-res picture (JPEG) 100KB

BookLed® internal page example
 Download Hi-res picture (TIFF 300DPI) 48MB
 Download Low-res picture (JPEG) 140KB

BookLed® internal page example
 Download Hi-res picture (TIFF 300DPI) 48MB
 Download Low-res picture (JPEG) 76KB

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