How to logon into SMS foxbox system using FTP or SSH Print E-mail
The deault IP ADDRESS of SMS FoxBox is
By deafult SMS FoxBox accept connections over FTP and SSH using username: root and password: pass
and by HTTP using username: Admin and password: GsmBox2006!

If you want to use SMS FoxBox on the WEB with a public IP address, it is really recommended that you change the logon details of the system access.
To change the password log into SMS FoxBox using SSH with your preferred terminal, as for example putty for windows .
From the command prompt type:

Enter the new password and confirmation when required. From now you need to provide this new password for FTP and SSH login.
XML: undefined entity Print E-mail

BUG description:

Errore interpretazione XML: entità non definita


Linea numero 62, colonna 49:         <td class="txt" colspan="6">à é è # ' * £ $ </td>

When a SMS message received contains ò à è é ì ù £ € ! " $ % & / ( ) = ? [ ] + * @ ° -  symbols.
This bug is caused by a wrong interpretation of symbols from the browser XSL engine, to solve this issue you have to upgrade the charset from UTF-8 to ISO-8859.

Follow this steps:

Download the patch from here and unzip it.
1- Log into the box using FTP with username: root password:pass
2- replace the file parser.php in /etc/sms/scripts/parser.php with the new one.
3- replace the file main.php in /mnt/flash/root/media/languages/main.php with the new one
4- delete the last message from table GSMIN using the internal SQL editor available in the bottom right of System & Profile

Reboot Issue Print E-mail
The REBOOT command doesn't free the serial ttyS2 used by the modem, if you need to reboot the SMS FoxBox by software you need to use the script reset.sh that you can download here .

To install the script simply put it using FTP on /mnt/flash folder in your SMSfoxbox username: root password: pass
Create new webdav users Print E-mail
Customer question:
When i create a new user using the webapp i can't seem to use  it to map a networkdrive .
When i change the password of admin it only works for the webapp , if i need to map it in for instance windows i still need the old password . How can I create new webdav users?

To access the box using SSH  use root and user pass, the users in the interrface are useful only for access web GUI, to change the user of webdav you need to edit the file .htpasswd on the /mnt/flash/root/spool of the box using apache htpasswd command:

htpasswd <username> .htpasswd
EMAIL to SMS tuning Print E-mail

SMS FoxBox provides you a gateway from email to SMS. There are a lot of mailservers and is really difficult to adapt our scripts to all products, but we try!!!
Probably with some little adjustment it can works with EVERY mailserver POP3/IMAP compliant.
We have discovered thanks to some user experience that some mail clients and servers appends white spaces to the end of the message (LOTUS NOTES is one of this). To solve this problem you have to edit the file /etc/procmailrc.
Locate the line:

| /bin/cat > $OUTFILE

and modify it to look like this
| /bin/cat |grep -v ^$ | sed '/To:/G' >> $OUTFILE

To learn more about how to customize EMAIL to SMS gateway look at:


DNS retention issue Print E-mail

Name Server configuration lost after reboot

There is a fix on the configuration page so that the DNS is saved after reboot.
To apply this fix please download the patch from here and follow these steps:

1- Unpack the zip file
2- using ftp or ssh with username: root and password: pass log into sms foxbox

3- Copy and replace the existing  file with the patched one, the file is placed in /mnt/flash/root/source/
4- Point your web-browser to network config edit and save the DNS configuration (nameserver).

From now the bug should be fixed. 

SMS to EMAIL problem Print E-mail

If your box SMS to EMAIL function is corrupted, you can repair it unpacking this patch and uploading the whole "mailsend" folder in your SMS foxbox inside /etc/.

To perform this upgrade follow these steps:
1- Download the patch from here and unpack  it
2- Upload it on /etc/ folder using ftp usernam: root password:pass
3- Configure the SMS to EMAIL from eventhandler

NTP unable to use network time Print E-mail

I have decided to redesign the date & time function using rdate , so I have ported the command to CRIS and designed a system that is able to fetch the local time for your country from my server (the full list is 6MB!!!! Too much to fit into the fox ;-)  ) and calculate the offset using the most accurate system. I have also inserted 5 time server so that the system can retry on a different one if there is no answer.
The new interface will look like this:
New Date time interface
To upgrade your appliance you have to follow this steps:

1- Download and Unzip the patch
2- using ftp or scp  copy the whole folder “zoneinfo” into /mnt/flash/ (username: root password: pass)
3- copy the file “timezone_select.js” into /mnt/flash/root/source/
4- replace the file “syncdate.php” in /mnt/flash/root/source/ with this one


random questions Print E-mail

1) Is the PHP code obfuscated on the SMS FoxBox?

NO,  SMS FoxBox is opened for customization so you can edit all the code of the GUI to fit your needs

2) How can I write SMS foxbox "plugin" for my work?
You can use BASH scripting, C or PHP  look at the tutorial section

3) Are MMS supported?
We are going to release an extension KIT to handle MMS, as you can see in the news MMS BOX is coming soon!

4) How about costs and performance of sending and receiving?

If you send a few SMS each hour, the SMS FoxBox  is the best solution for you to build a very stable SMS Gateway.

But if you send thousands of SMS each hour you have to consider to use a SMSC large account that will be soon supported by the box.

When you send a message with SMS FoxBox, you have to pay exactly the same price as when you send normally with your mobile. Most phone network provider take a fixed price per SMS and also offer tarrif options to lower the price. You can save a lot of money by selecting the right tarrif for your SIM cards.

SMS foxbox works with a "normal" SIM so the carrier availability/traffic can affect performance, I can give you peaks:

INCOMING MESSAGES: more than 30/min

The system does not work as KANNEL (famous open source SMS gateway that uses AT+CNMI indicator for the incoming notification), SMS FoxBox use in first place the carrier then the SIM memory as buffer so it can retrieve lot of parallel messages.


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