FoxBox Rack

The perfect modem expansion to increase your communication potential.

A series of powerful and reliable modem racks, easily connectable to your FoxBox or to every other device. They will allow you to send massive flows of SMS, MMS or DATA in the easiest way ever.

FoxBox Racks allow you to send and receive SMS, MMS or DATA (multimedia files and emails included) using just a bunch of commercial SIM cards. Once connected to your master device (i.e. the one handling the communication flow) via a standard USB 2.0 port, you will be soon able to manage unlimited flows of data as you were directly using tens of G25/LX800 FoxBoxes together.

Each GSM module (powered by Siemens or Wavecom) is quad-band, fully independent from the others, and it has two slots in order to handle both large and small SIM cards.

For a better user experience, we suggest to use these racks in combination with our FoxBox devices, but you can easily integrate them with everything you need!

 FoxBox Rack 8 modem   FoxBox Rack 16 modem   

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