Inside the box

The SMS FoxBox is powered on ACME systems hardware. In the Box a FOX Board and a FOX GM are providing a powerfull platform.

The software  controls all parts of the FOX GM board. SMS FoxBox include a 512MB MMC/SD memory, the SIM is NOT included.

General characteristics

  • Socket for Telit GM862 family GSM modems
  • Buzzer
  • RTC with backup battery
  • MMC/SD socket
  • 4 front panel leds
    • Power on
    • Modem status
    • User defined led 1
    • User defined led 2
  • 2 front panel push buttons
    • User defined button 1
    • User defined button 2
  • 10x2 pins extension socket with audio lines and GPIO lines
  • Size: 100x100 mm

    In the figure below you can see the FOX Board, the micro Linux core engine of SMS Fox Box

  • Fully RoHS compliant