foXServe 1.3.5 unleashed
The foXServe firmware 1.3.5 is available for all foXServe users! 
 foxserve upgrade

The new version of firmware can be loaded using  Uptodate

Two new apache modules were ported for you:
 MOD_MP3 - MP3 or Ogg streaming server.
 MOD_PROXY - implements a proxy/cache for Apache

mod_mp3 can play from a list of files, either in order or randomly.  It has an XML-RPC interface for you to write interfaces around and supports retrieving information via XML/RSS. With this module you can stream files from USB PEN, Hard Drives or any sort of media with USB interface directly attached to you fox!!!

Try it live here KANTA RADIO!
 For better performance use Windows Media Player®  as default player on your browser, it seems that  Quicktime™  as embedded stream is not well supported.

It builds streaming list of songs loading titles from ID3 tag of files, and you can get playlist for any popular MP3 software! Upgrade your firmware immediately and enjoy with this wonderful add-on!