How write you own custom SMS FoxBox template
SMS FoxBox web interface is completely XML/XSL based.
As you can see by the configuration panel you can select between 2 templates from a simple pop-up menu, default and essential. If you want to add a new template, all you have to do is duplicate the folder “deafult” in /mnt/flash/media/templates/  and give it the name you desire.
Inside the newly created folder, you have the file “main.css”, edit it to change fonts properties, tables properties and HTML related stuffs.
The folder bkg defines the bakground colors for the top, left and bottom bars.
The folder ico contains hd and ld that are the icons big icons and the small icons displayed on the interface.

Translating the interface on you language

The language selection could be performed on configuration panel available from the left menu.
The available languages are italian,english and spanish. If you need to translate it in your language you can simply create it.
Duplicate the files eng.php, language_xsl_en.xsl and language_en.xml in /mnt/flash/media/languages and rename it changing en suffix with you language suffix.
Modify language_en.xml, translate entries in your language respecting XML standards.

For example:

<cp01>Kdev Project - SMS FoxBox - Control Panel</cp01>
<cp02>Control Panel</cp02>

<cp01>Kdev Project - SMS FoxBox – your text</cp01>
<cp02>new text translated</cp02>

After you tanslated the document, edit language_xls_yourlanguage.xsl, and specify the newly created XML doucement at the line:

<xsl:variable name="template" select="document('language_yourlanguage.xml')"/>

when you finished, add and entry like this to main.php

if ($lang=="new_language.php") {
echo "<?xml-stylesheet type=\"text/xsl\" href=\"$PHP_SELF/media/languages/template_xsl_newlanguage.xsl\"?>\n";

Connect to the web interface, in the configuration panel a new langauge entry will appear, select it and save. Refresh the browser window and your text will be now translated.