XML: undefined entity

BUG description:

Errore interpretazione XML: entità non definita


Linea numero 62, colonna 49:         <td class="txt" colspan="6">à é è # ' * £ $ </td>

When a SMS message received contains ò à è é ì ù £ € ! " $ % & / ( ) = ? [ ] + * @ ° -  symbols.
This bug is caused by a wrong interpretation of symbols from the browser XSL engine, to solve this issue you have to upgrade the charset from UTF-8 to ISO-8859.

Follow this steps:

Download the patch from here and unzip it.
1- Log into the box using FTP with username: root password:pass
2- replace the file parser.php in /etc/sms/scripts/parser.php with the new one.
3- replace the file main.php in /mnt/flash/root/media/languages/main.php with the new one
4- delete the last message from table GSMIN using the internal SQL editor available in the bottom right of System & Profile