NTP unable to use network time

I have decided to redesign the date & time function using rdate , so I have ported the command to CRIS and designed a system that is able to fetch the local time for your country from my server (the full list is 6MB!!!! Too much to fit into the fox ;-)  ) and calculate the offset using the most accurate system. I have also inserted 5 time server so that the system can retry on a different one if there is no answer.
The new interface will look like this:
New Date time interface
To upgrade your appliance you have to follow this steps:

1- Download and Unzip the patch
2- using ftp or scp  copy the whole folder “zoneinfo” into /mnt/flash/ (username: root password: pass)
3- copy the file “timezone_select.js” into /mnt/flash/root/source/
4- replace the file “syncdate.php” in /mnt/flash/root/source/ with this one