SMS FoxBox reviewed by Linux Journal

Bring SMS to the Live Web with a FoxBox

Linux Journal,
november 2007 | issue 163 reviewed SMS foxbox.
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The author says: "The forces at Acme Systems and KDev, two veteran embedded Linux system and software developers based in Italy, have conspired to bring world SMS FoxBox. It's a Linux-based box dedicated to sending and receiving SMS messages that can be managed trough a Web interface. It can handle up to 30 incoming messages at a time on a common SIM card. It also works as an SMS to TCP/IP gateway, so you can combine SMS messaging with network and user applications. You can SMS to and from e-mail, MySQL, Web scripts, desktop widgets, whatever.
SMS FoxBox is ideal for use in Live Web Conditions. Broadcasters can use it to intercat with their audiences.
Emergency services can use it to flow lice reports onto Web sites or broadcasts. Lightweight monitoring, Alarm sending, trouble ticketing and remote device management can be moved to SMS from other methods. Databases and address books can kept current. The unit comes with a GSM quad-band modem, and SD/MMC card for storing messages (it comes default with a 1GB card). It runs on the 2.6 Linux kernel, has a BIS module for failvover to up to two backup appliances and an internal clock with a backup battery and NTP support...


Linux Journal, on november 2007 | issue 163 reviewed SMS foxbox.