Easy Guardian - Network Monitoring made EASY
Linux-powered Easy Guardian provides alarms by texting system administrators
 If you would like to monitor you server 24h/24h Easy Guardian is the right tool for you! It is based on the FoxBox SMS (http://www.foxbox.it ). Like the original FoxBox, it'll act as a cellphone-to-web gateway, in this case Easy Guardian brings together the powerful tools of the open source arena: NMAP and Net-SNMP in a small silent Linux embedded box. The on-board GSM/GPRS Quad Band modem is linked to an advanced scanning engine that will alert you with a SMS every time a threshold exceed is detected on your services and network devices.. As before, it'll also give you FTP and HTTP interfaces to manage content, which can either be stored on an SD card or on up to two attached USB drives, where you can store polls about system trends, reported on simply to read charts
Further details await interested readers at an Easy Guardian website, http://www.easyguardian.com .
  Easy Guardian displays your system and network status on a color-coded Web page that proactively notifies you of problems immediately via SMS. Easy Guardian is built for System & Network administrators tasked with managing the availability and performance of hundreds or thousands of servers and network devices on a limited budget.
Easy Guardian enables you to monitor any server, any device, on any network within minutes.


  • Monitor Networks
  • Monitor Desktops
  • Monitor Devices
  • Monitor Databases
  • Monitor Performance
  • Log all data and draw charts and polls

     Product Tour
Easy Guardian Product Specifications

  • Linux embedded OS 2.6.x
  • 100MIPS 32bit RISC CPU
  • Apache embedded web server
  • SQLite embedded SQL server
  • NMAP scanning engine
  • SNMP scanning engine
  • Fully customizable software with PHP, C and Bash coding
  • Quad band GSM modem with external antenna with 2.5mt cable lenght
  • 1GB internal MMC/SD card to store up to 10 server statistic polls per one year.
  • 100% solid state in just 105x110x45mm
  • Fully featured Web interface for sensors management
  • Expandable set of gateway functions
  • 2 USB ports to store messages on external USB Pen or USB Hard Drives
  • Internal clock with backup battery and NTP support

    Functions available on the Web interface

  • Add new sensor scanner with NMAP
  • Add new SNMP advanced sensor
  • Data logging and charts with polls of system assets
  • Full system configuration
  • Read and write messages
  • Make pools
  • Phone book management
  • Make message broadcasting
  • Make message processing
  • Define user access profiles
  • Configure the system
  • Integrated editor for event scripts
  • All pages are customizable with XSL and CSS style sheet

    SMS to TCP/IP gateway functions

  • SMS to/from email
  • SMS to/from MySQL
  • SMS to/from web script (PHP, ASP, JSP, etc)
  • SMS to/from Microsoft Outlook
  • SMS to/from Microsft Access
  • SMS to/from Macromedia Flash animation
  • SMS to/from desktop Widgets (MAC X OS, Windows, Linux)
  • SMS to/from Postfix
    Interface screenshots

    Main screen
     System load graphic
     Disk and Ram graph Threshold exceeded graph
     Base service scan sensor Snmp sensor
     SNMP threshold setup Alarms history

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